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Event Opening Hours

What are your opening hours?

Our hours differ for each event but these are stated on the information page for the venue you are attending.

Why aren’t you open 24 hours?

Our toilets are cleaned after EVERY use and as the number of staff we can bring to an event is limited, we need to give them some rest. At most events, we are open 18 hours a day.

Event Location

Where are you?
Please check the information for the event you are attending as this will tell you where we are located. We try to be positioned as centrally as possible. Please note we are in just one location at each event.

Why aren’t you in the arena and the campsites?
We use the latest vacuum toilets which don’t use chemicals and only require 0.5 litres of fresh water for each flush. The high cost of the vacuum pump makes it financially unviable to have multiple locations at this time.


When do I receive my wristband?
Once you have completed your online purchase you will receive an email containing your e-ticket. Print this off and bring it with you to the event where we will scan and exchange it for your wristband. Alternatively, if you are a smartphone user we can scan this from your portable device, although we recommend that you don’t rely on the phone signal at the event to download your e-ticket.

Can I share my wristband? 
No. We’re sorry but wristbands are not interchangeable and are secured to your wrist. All wristbands will be fitted to the same tightness and will be checked periodically over the course of the event. If wristbands are removed or tampered with they become void and we reserve the right to refuse admission.

Will I have to queue?
Yes, at peak times you may need to queue to use the facilities, for example, first thing in the morning and after a headline act comes off stage. The queue does move quickly, and we assure you that you are queuing for a clean loo.

Do you limit the number of wristbands you sell?
Yes. There are national guidelines for the ratio of toilets to people for outdoor events and we work well within these.

What hair styling tools do you provide?
We provide Dyson Hairdryers together with GHD straighteners and curling wands.


Do you really have to clean each toilet after every use?
We have built our reputation by providing the highest standard of cleanliness. To maintain this and to ensure every customer finds a clean toilet, we ask our cleaners to check and re-stock each toilet after every use.

Your site states you’re sold out but I really need one as I have a medical condition!
While we understand that many people have genuine reasons for wanting to use our facilities, we sell on a first come – first served basis. We are contacted by numerous people with various conditions and it would be unfair for us to determine who is more deserving. It would also be unjust for our customers who have bought on the basis that a limited number would be sold. We thank you for your understanding.

Do you have showers?
We only supply showers to certain events, this will be stated in each event information. We do provide hair wash and style facilities for all events, where we do not have showers. Please check out our events page for more information on specific events.


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